UFT(Unified Functional Testing) Automation Framework

UFT Automation Framework

  • UFT has record and playback facility with editing the scripts generated after the recording is completed. It supports different recording mode i.e. Normal, Analog and Low level which facilitates to automate different types of applications.
  • UFT supports almost all popular automation frameworks like Linear, Keyword, Data Driven, Hybrid etc. for automation purpose.
  • UFT is very much user friendly and anyone can start using it very less expertise.
  • UFT has built in IDE associated which is very much easy to use.
  • Its primary scripting language is VB script, thus it does need skilled code to start automation work. Also this tool is packed with many add-ins which supports it very much.
  • UFT can be integrated with one of the most useful test management tool i.e. Quality Center (QC). This integration very much supports the testing activity.
  • UFT has most important features of UFT is Object Repository which is useful to store the property of the objects which is being tested.
  • UFT has very excellent Object Identification process.
  • UFT also supports Object Spy mechanism to identify object properties associated.
  • UFT supports many add-ins like Peoplesoft, Java, .Net, Siebel, Visual Basic, Web Service, SAP, ActiveX, Silver Light, Java etc.
  • UFT supports built in Database testing. It uses excel or Data tables in very expertise manner.
  • UFT provides very good parametrization, navigation, script edition, result validation etc. features.
  • UFT has excellent support for reporting to show the test result.