Our Vision & Mission


  • To be the first pit-stop for Software and Engineering service needs for clients, end-users
  • To be the most preferred employer for talent pockets in the Information Technology industry
  • To be the trend setter in quality benchmark and create a flaw-free value system


As a responsible, client focused market player, we will strive to understand the technology and service needs of the end-user and translate it into affordable software products and services that deliver value for money.


  • Quality is our Core
  • Trust in all professional spears
  • Shared Ownership across the organization
  • Fun at work - We work, we rejuvenate
  • Redefining and expanding boundaries through rigorous R & D and Knowledge enrichment

Organizational Ethics


Being professional involves everything from being well dressed and presenting oneself in the business world to the way one treats his own pears


You display grace under pressure: No matter how tight the deadline or heated the tempers, you always remain poised and diplomatic. Whether you’re serving a customer, meeting with a client or collaborating with colleagues, you do your best to respect everyone’s opinions, especially under trying circumstances. This shows you value people’s individual worth as well as their professional contributions.


You can be relied on to keep your promises. You are always on time and prepared for meetings, and deliver your work on schedule and on budget. Your reputation for reliability precedes you because you’ve proven over time that customers, clients and colleagues can trust you to do everything you say you will. In an uncertain world, your customers, colleagues and clients will appreciate the stability you embody.


You don’t stop until the job is done, and done right. “Good enough” is not good enough for you and your team. You aim for "outstanding" in everything you do. You put in the extra hours to get things right, giving attention to detail and devotion to excellence. Your passion shows in how hard you work and the results you achieve.


You don’t let obstacles stop you, and enthusiastically embrace challenges like a mountain climber who ascends higher and higher until the summit is reached. You know that your job as an entrepreneur is to solve your clients’ problems, and you resolve to continually seek better and more innovative answers. With purpose and resilience, you push ahead, no matter how far you have to go.


You take personal responsibility for your actions and outcomes in every situation, and avoid making excuses when things don’t go as planned. You admit your mistakes and use them as learning experiences so you won’t make the same ones again. You also expect your employees to meet the same high standards, and support those who accept responsibility instead of blaming others.


You acknowledge everyone’s contributions, and freely share credit for accomplishments. You show gratitude to colleagues who work hard, and appreciation to your loyal clients. You have integrity in spades, and are open to learning from others, even as you teach people through your words, actions and example. And, while you always take your work seriously, you strive always to maintain a sense of humor about yourself.