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Business Advantages of Software Testing

What are the business advantages of software testing?

Some of the business advantages of software testing is as follows

  • Identifying and fixing bugs before the software becomes operational, the risk of failure can be reduced considerably.
  • Any application doesn’t necessarily work alone. Sometimes it must integrate and function with other existing legacy systems, as need be. In such cases, software testing gives a much-needed assurance that it will work suitably, and its performance won’t get affected due to the integration.
  • It is a part of the software development process. It performs a root cause analysis for which helps in making it more efficient.
  • It is carried out keeping the end user in mind. With a foresight for the scenarios that the end user will possibly face, tests are carried out and their accuracy and efficiency are noted for any discrepancies.
  • Reliability of software can be measured by certification or its conformation with any set technical standard. This helps in creating confidence and a healthy business relationship.


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