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software testing life cycle

What are the different phases of software testing life cycle STLC?

Software Testing Life Cycle (STLC) defines the complete process in an organized and planned manner, from start to end, to carry out the various activities conducted to perform application or software Testing. STLC identifies the tasks to be carried out and when to complete them.

The different phases of Software Testing Life Cycle are:

  • Requirement Analysis
  • Test Planning
  • Test Design
  • Test Environment Setup
  • Test Execution
  • Test Closure

Requirement Analysis

Business requirement specification document is the entry criteria for this phase. during the phase customer or business requirements are studied and analyzed by the test team from a testing perspective. this phase identifies whether the requirement is testable or not. if not, test team can communicate with client or various stakeholders.

Entry Criteria: BRSD (Business Requirement Specification Document), TDD (Technical Design Document)

Deliverables:List of all testable requirements, Automation feasibility report (if applicable)

Test Planning

Test Planning is the important phase of STLC where all testing strategy is defined.This phase includes analysis & feasibility study of the requirements and defining and preparing the plan and strategy to carry out the testing activity (Test activity Like resource planning, determining roles and responsibilities, tool selection (if automation), training requirement etc., these are the activities carried out in this phase)

Entry Criteria:Requirements Documents

Deliverables:Test Strategy, Test Plan, and Test Effort estimation document.

Test Design and Development

The Test case development begins once the test planning phase is completed. Based on the gathered requirement, the test case is designed and developed during this phase. Once the test cases are ready, then go for an actual execution of testing activities.

Entry Criteria:Requirement Documents (Updated version of unclear or missing requirement)

Deliverables:Test cases, Test Scripts (if automation), Test data

Test Environment Setup:

This phase can be beginning in parallel with Test design phase. Test environment setup is done based on the hardware and software requirement list. Basically, the test environment provided by customer or development team and in this phase, the test team may not be involved in some cases. Meanwhile, to check the readiness of the given test environment the testing team should prepare the smoke test cases.

Entry Criteria:Test Plan, Smoke Test cases, Test Data

Deliverables:Test Environment. Smoke Test Results.

Test Execution:

The next phase in Software Testing Life Cycle is Test Execution. If a test case result is Pass/Fail, then the result should be recorded in the test case execution report. The failed test cases should be recorded in Defect report and Its should be reported to the Development Team through bug tracing tool.

Entry Criteria:Test Plan document, Test cases, Test data, Test Environment.

Deliverables:Test case execution report, Defect report

Test Cycle Closure

The final stage of STLC is Test Cycle closure and this phase where we prepare the test summary or test closure report. This phase the testing team evaluate the cycle completion along with development team.

Entry Criteria: Test Case Execution report, Defect report

Deliverables:Test Closure report, Test metrics


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