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What Is Amazon Web Services and why AWS is so successful?

Amazon Web Service is a cluster of services and various products available predominantly in cloud computing where one can rent out servers instead of building and maintaining their own. It provides cloud-based storage, servers, networking, security, mobile development and remote/online computing. AWS is classified into Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) and Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3). EC2 is a web service wherein, one can create virtual machines and run them in the cloud. Amazon S3 is a simple storage service where, one can store their data with top-class scalability, performance and security.

  • Scalability: AWS’s cost is based on the one’s usage and can be extended as per requirement
  • Adaptability: AWS provides necessary tools for a start up in the cloud and also provides low cost migration services to move the current infrastructure over to AWS
  • Security: AWS’s data centers are strictly maintained and monitored continuously. Data diversification ensures no data is lost in times of crisis.
  • Reliability: Data centers are perfectly hidden and are perfectly safe from outages or attacks


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