BIM Level of Development (LOD) 100, 200, 300, 400 & 500

bim level of development

BIM Level of Development (LOD) is an industry standard that defines how the 3D geometry of the building model can achieve different levels of refinement, is used as a measure of the service level required. These development models are purpose built for various stages of design, 3D visualization, construction-caliber quantities, scheduling, estimations, on-site production control and fabrication. Using the Level of Detail (LOD) industry specifications as a guide, SrinSoft's 3D Modeling Service will create a 3D model of your projects based on the specificity required. We also deliver animation services for LOD in the sequence for virtual construction sequencing and simulation to develop insights of how and what will be constructed.

SrinSoft has expertise of delivering LOD for different levels. SrinSoft offers five LOD options ranging from 100 to 500. We adopt internationally accepted standard for LOD.

BIM Level of Development

LOD 100 - Concept Design

The building 3D model is developed to represent the information on basic level. Thereby, only conceptual model creation is possible in this stage. Parameters like area, height, volume, location and orientation are defined

LOD 200 - Schematic Design

General model where elements are modeled with approximate quantities, size, shape, location and orientation. We can also attach non- geometric information to the model elements

LOD 300 - Detailed Design

The Model Element is graphically represented within the Model as a specific system, object or assembly in terms of quantity, size, shape, location, and orientation. Non-graphic information may also be attached to the Model Element.

LOD 350 - Construction Documentation

It includes model detail and element that represent how building elements interface with various systems and other building elements with graphics and written definitions

LOD 400 - Fabrication & Assembly

Model elements are modeled as specific assemblies, with complete fabrication, assembly, and detailing information in addition to precise quantity, size, shape, location and orientation.Non- geometric information to the model elements can also be attached

LOD 500 - As-Built

Elements are modeled as constructed assemblies for Maintenance and operations. In addition to actual and accurate in size, shape, location, quantity, and orientation, non-geometric information is attached to modeled elements

BIM Level of Development (LOD) 100, 200, 300, 400 & 500

srinsoft lod 100 200 300 400 500

The Level of Development (LOD) Specification is a reference that enables practitioners in the AEC Industry to specify and articulate with a high level of clarity, the content and reliability of Building Information Models (BIMs) at various stages in the design and construction process.

The LOD Framework addresses various issues faced by AEC professionals by providing an industry-developed standard to describe the state of development of various systems within a BIM. This standard enables consistency in communication and execution by facilitating the detailed definition of BIM milestones and deliverables.

    Level of Devlopment

  • LOD 100 - Concept Design
  • LOD 200 - Schematic Design
  • LOD 300 - Detailed Design
  • LOD 350 - Construction Documentation
  • LOD 400 - Fabrication & Assembly
  • LOD 500 - As-Built

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