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IBM i (AS400/iSeries) Application Development

application development

SrinSoft has acquired considerable expertise and knowledge with a wide range of technologies around the IBM midrange platform. This includes RPG/400, AS/SET, J2EE, WebSphere and Domino/Notes. Our IBM i Application Development processes are geared towards offshore-based development, with a proven methodology, exceptional programming skills, resources and mature delivery models. Our iSeries team has been involved in every stage of the application development process, from understanding the functional requirement, scope and goal of the actual operation.

IBM i Application Development Capabilities

IBM iSeries AS/400 application development, support, and enhancements

IBM iSeries AS/400 Software development in RPG.

Third-party application systems administration and support

Development of applications utilizing RPG/400, SQL/400 and CL/400

Synon COOL/2e development

Change/enhancements for existing applications

IBM i (AS400/iSeries) Expertise

IBM i (AS400/iSeries) Development Features

  • Synon Development for IBM System i

  • IBM iSeries AS/400 ARCAD Development

  • AS/400 ASNA Visual RPG Development

  • IBM iSeries Lansa ERP Framework Development

  • AS/400 Lansa Integrator Development

  • IBM Power Systems AS/400 Mobile Application Development

  • Websphere Development for IBM iSeries AS/400

  • IBM Power Systems AS/400 SQL Server Development

  • IBM iSeries AS/400 application development

  • AS/400 Web Application Development

  • Report Program Generator(RPG) Development for IBM iSeries AS/400

  • IBM Power Systems AS/400 open source development

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