IBM iSeries (AS/400) Infrastructure Services

IBM i Infrastructure Services

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SrinSoft helps client in providing IBM i infrastructure services and support including management, security and processes to ensure your environment is best optimized to meet your organizational needs. Our team of experts have decades of experience managing IBM i environments, offering significant added value such as Expert level skills and 24×7 monitoring.

IBMi Infrastructure Services

AS400 Admin Support and Management

Disaster Recovery Services

Replication Management High Availability

Performance Analysis Services

Backup Management

Remote Hosting & Data Center Solutions

IBMi Infrastructure Services Features

  • Remote Administration

  • Remote Monitoring

  • Hosted, Private Cloud

  • IBMi Disaster Recovery/High availability

  • IBMi Health Check

  • Full IBMi environment review

  • IBMi Security

  • IBMi Consulting Services

  • IBM i OS Upgrade Testing (V7R2)

  • IBMi Installations and Upgrades

  • PTF Support

  • IBMi Hardware and Software Support

  • IBMi Back Up & Recovery
    IBMi Installation & Upgrades

  • IBMi Logical Partition (LPAR) and Virtualization Services

IBMi Disaster Recovery Solutions

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Disaster recovery and business continuity require a combination of both practice and technology. Fortunately, our partner offers a spectrum of technology solutions to strengthen your disaster recovery strategy. Our DR Services includes:

  • Business continuity consulting
  • DR testing
  • Recovery facilities (hot site, warm site and cold site)
  • DR plan creation
  • DR recovery support
  • Real-Time Replication of Selected Libraries to Cloud
  • Disaster Recovery Testing (Remote via VPN

DR Options:

  • Constant Replication
  • SAN to SAN Replication
  • Vault Archive
  • Backup Tape – Local Replication

IBMi High Availability Solutions

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SrinSoft has great expertise in evaluating, installing and supporting IBMi high availability solutions.

IBMi Disaster Recovery Testing

  • Verification of your backup process
  • No interruption to production environments while you test
  • Easy-to-implement DR solutions that simplify management
  • Real-time replication between live system and backup systems
  • Quick recovery in the event of a disaster or problem
  • Available support from our experienced technical specialists

IBMi System Health Checks

  • Our System Health Checks cover:
  • Hardware, Operating System (OS), and licensed software in use
  • Processor utilization
  • Disk space & Main storage utilization and performance

IBMi High Availability Solutions

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SrinSoft consultants will help you to plan, install, and configure a BRMS solution

  • Plan and define a backup and recovery strategy
  • Provide hands-on operator skills transfer
  • Setup daily BRMS maintenance jobs
  • Provide detailed implementation documentation
  • Review process to recover your system using BRMS Recovery Reports
  • Install BRMS software and all current PTFs
  • Configure BRMS to perform basic daily, weekly, and full system backups
  • Configure BRMS to manage off-site tape movements

IBMi Data Center & Hosting Options

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High Availability Colocation Data Center Offerings:

  • We offer colocation services where you can setup your backup server for HA at one of our two IBMi data centers where we provide remote connectivity, VPN services and more.

Data Center:

  • We know the solutions, the strategies and the pitfalls when it comes to preventing downtime and data loss.
  • Our partner have designed a world class IBMi (iSeries, AS/400) Disaster Recovery and Availability testing service for our customers
  • Data Center 1: SAS70 / Tier 3 state-of-the-art Data Center in the Midwest to house our HA/DR/testing center, as well as MAXAVA and PowerHA solutions for our IBMi Clients
  • Data Center 2: A second SAS70 / Tier 4 Data Center in Orlando, Florida

IBMiSeries (AS/400) Expertise

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