Mobile Automation Testing - Selenium

Mobile Automation Testing - Selenium

Client Summary

  • Client delivers cloud – based time and attendance solution built for managing today’s workforce
  • More than 8,000 companies rely on the client developed cloud-based attendance solution. And is headquartered in Boston

Executive Summary

  • This Project was for Leading provider of workforce management technologies. Client would like to ensure the quality product delivered with all compatible mobile devices

Business Challenge

  • Our client was developing a front-end mobile app and their development team needed a partner to help test the app on a wide range of devices and mobile OS’s.

Key Challenges

  • The mobile application was slated to launch to a wide range of devices and OS’s so extensive compatibility testing was required.
  • Testing was focused on iOS, Android, and HTML5 (via each device’s default browser).
  • Development and QA teams had to work closely using agile methodology.
  • Non-functional requirements such as memory leakage and battery consumption also needed to be tested.
  • Real time devices are not available with the required configurations.
  • Application includes testing Geo Location Services with Geo-Boundary Conditions.


  • Made use of real time devices to do OS compatibility testing on Android 5, 6 and iOS 9 and 10.
  • AVD manager is as an Android emulator to test Android our application on wide range of devices and OS’s Top of Form
  • Our team worked closely with our client’s development team in order to ensure frequently changing requirements was accounted for.
  • We helped set up a uniform agile testing framework to facilitate communication and reporting between development and QA teams.
  • Our team’s experience in mobile testing helped the client conduct end-to-end testing while focusing on high-risk areas.
  • Our efficient use of frameworks and testing tools gave the client confidence their application would support a wide user base.
  • Secure Apps were used to get the GPS location. Based on the latitude and longitude stored in the database, respective operations were performed.

Testing Tools Used

  • Real Time devices
  • Emulators
  • Team view – Quick support app for mobile(from Google Store)
  • Browserstack (Third party licensed tool to do cross platform testing)

Automation Testing on Mobile Application:

  • Manual test cases were converted into test scripts using Selenium and Appium.
  • Using Selenium and Appium Automated test scripts were implemented on the Browserstack so that the Device and OS compatibility testing is completely done by covering all the possible Mobile OS’s and Devices with different dimensions.