System Integration with In-house Dispatch System

System Integration with In-house Dispatch System


  • Integration of In-house Dispatch System with Reporting module.

Applied Solutions

  • Export the reports into an Excel Work Sheet
  • FTP to a 3rd party system with encryption and user authentication
  • Single, consistent, easy-to-navigate graphical settings

Technical Implementations

  • Exchanging of dispatch information with drivers via SMS
  • Enhanced security, forms design, message handling
  • Improved system integration for In-house Dispatchment Module

SDLC/Technology Used

  • Agile model
  • iSeries (RPGLE, SQLRPGLE, CLLE, DB2/400)
  • Visual LANSA

Customer Benefits

  • Replaced paper based processing
  • Reduced number of phone calls
  • Significantly improved efficiency
  • Upgraded Customer Service with more correctness