IBM iSeries/AS400 Modernization

Modernizing the green screen results in an improved look, workflow and user experience so as to improve the productivity of the business users.

The following are the approach in getting the AS400 applications modernized:

Application Assessment

  • Functional knowledge of each application to be procured from Business Analyst & existing system documentation
  • Technical environment assessment
  • RPG/COBOL (version), Case Tools (Synon etc.), OS version, 3rd party tools.
  • Size of the Application (LoC), DB
  • Interfaces, APIs, 3rd party applications involved.
  • Database assessment, including transaction volume, security protocols.
  • Determining the route to be followed for the Modernization/Migration

Analyzing Client's Business

  • Business rules Analysis
  • Ongoing, planned enhancements in application
  • Target system UI design
  • Impact analysis

Migration & Post Migration changes

  • Target system infrastructure setup
  • Manual or Automatic Migration/Modernization
  • Target Database Design
  • GAP analysis and Post migration customization
    • Remove unused code
    • Code patches on target system to retrofit customizations made in source system that were missed during the migration and adding customizations.
    • Handle existing system features like Data Areas, Data Queues – to place them and maintain from the target the system.
    • Reusable parts identification, redesign & enhance old architecture
    • Interfaces redesign

Data Migration - Active & Archive

  • Target system database architecture, normalization of DB tables
  • Database Creation & re-structuring
    • Handle any difference in field attributes - some of the attributes in source system may vary from the attributes in the target system.
  • Database Migration
    • Test data migration from source to target system
    • Archive Data Upload
    • Migrating Active Database - Initially migrate data from the source to the target system and setup a sync process that will migrate the remaining data until Go Live date.

Testing: Application-wise & Integration

  • Test with defined business rules.
  • Comparison testing with source application

SrinSoft's IBM iSeries/AS400 Modernization Services

SrinSoft helps customers to unlock the potential of IBMi (AS/400, iSeries, Power Systems and RPG/400) applications by modernizing to web based application. This allows organizations the benefits to keep reliable legacy applications while increasing the front-end functionality. Our experts transform 5250 green screens into web-based GUI by using the right modernization tools.

IBMi AS400 Modernization

SrinSoft's iSeries modernization services includes:

  • Database Modernization
  • UI Modernization
  • Application Code Modernization

SrinSoft has successfully Modernize Legacy iSeries Applications:

  • IBM i (AS/400) to Unix / Linux / Windows
  • RPG / COBOL / Synon to Java / C# .NET
  • DB2/400 to Oracle, DB2, SQL Server, MySQL
  • Green screen 5250 UI to GUI (Web-based or rich-client)

Modernization Process

Application Modernization for IBM i

  • Re-facing - Retaining business logic, and adding Web GUI to an existing application in the front end
  • Re-engineering - Enhance existing application and interfacing with modern applications
  • Replacement - Replacing existing AS/400 based applications with newer applications on more modern platforms, based on Microsoft .NET, Java, PHP or any open source technologies

AS/400 Modernization Tools

  • Visual LANSA(Tool for Web Application Development)
  • LANSA Ramp
  • aXes LANSA(Tools for Application Modernization)
  • Open for .Net
  • ASNA Wings
  • ASNA Monarch
Fresche Legacy
  • X-Analysis software Suite
  • iModernize
  • NewLook Suite

Web Application Development
  • Visual LANSA comes with ready-to-use components that are the visual building blocks or user interface elements of Web pages.
  • Visual LANSA incorporates a feature called Web Application Modules (WAM) that use a multi-tiered application architecture.
  • This architecture uses standard Web technologies (such as CSS, HTML, JavaScript and XML), and also separates data, business rules and algorithms, and the user interface into independent tiers in Web applications.
Application Modernization
  • Using LANSA Application Modernization tools we can Renovate or Reuse or Replace the existing application
  • A key benefit of LANSA is its repository architecture where database related rules and definitions (field properties, display components, formula fields, validations, triggers, etc.,) are stored independently

  • ASNA Visual RPG (AVR) works inside Visual Studio and directly produces .NET binaries (as Microsoft Intermediate Language files).
  • AVR can be used to create a variety of program types and connects directly to the IBM I and Microsoft SQL Server, using RPG idioms such as its record level access model, data structures, RPG built-in-functions, and externally described files
  • ASNA Wings transforms green-screen display files to modern browser pages. And because Wings uses IBM's Rational Open Access RPG Edition, program logic and file IO remain on the IBM i.
  • Wings also includes ASNA's browser based emulator Browser Terminal (BTerm), to display those programs you don't want to (or can't) modernize.
  • Unlike screen scrapers, all of the display file data is presented to Wings, so there are many ways to further customize the presentation layer.
  • ASNA Monarch transforms IBM i programs or applications originally written in ILE RPG or RPG/400, into a native Microsoft .NET application. For a complete re platforming, Monarch can even migrate your IBM i database to SQL Server.
Fresche LEGACY

Automated Conversion (iModernize)
Transform legacy code and data automatically - Gets to new technology and leaves legacy trail

Code Transformation (X-Modernize / X-2E Modernize)
Modernize using automated tools - Highly automated with flexibility in target architecture and maintainable code. More manual effort than option 1.

Extraction (Design Recovery) and Re-Write (X-Analysis / X-Harvest)
Extract data model and business rules using automated analysis tools and re-write - Technical benefits of full rewrite with risk reduced by leveraging existing data model and rules

Replace with a Packaged Application
  • Purchase a package(s) to replace legacy systems
    • Cost effective, adopts new technology; may not fit all business needs
Zend Framework

Zend Framework IBM i Modernization 2.0

With the flare-up of users demanding access to the data and business logic on your IBM i, your modernization plan has to be more than normal screen-scraping. You should provide information to multiple devices, with the same level of flexibility, performance and security as the back office applications on your IBM i.

PHP is one of the popular programming language for web applications and mobile applications. Zend has support for the PHP Open-Source Community. Zend Server runs on the IBM i and is offered as a simple to every IBM i customer.

How Zend Helps
  • Simple connectivity to DB2 for IBM i
  • Run Natively on the IBM i
  • Cost Effective
  • High performance
  • Rapid modernization
  • Simplified debugging and performance tuning with Z-Ray
  • Popular IBM i users Prada, DHL, and Starbucks uses Zend.