Infor JBA System 21

Next generation ERP system configuration and real time business process management

Infor (JBA) System 21


SrinSoft has strong expertise in Infor (JBA) System 21 which helps many companies to manage the complexities of their product lines and supply chains granting sustained business success. Infor System 21 is a suite of software products, combining next-generation enterprise resource planning (ERP) functionality with real-time business process management capabilities. Designed for medium and large scale manufactures and distributors, running on the IBM® System i platform, Infor System 21 delivers capabilities in manufacturing, finance, procurement, customer service, logistics, and after-sales service management.

Role-based Workspace: The Infor (JBA) System 21 workspace provides an intuitive, role-based user experience through personalized menus and shortcuts and workflow-driven "to-do lists". This allows users to immediately perform event-driven actions and gain access to other applications from a single desktop area.

The Infor (JBA)System 21 includes an industry-specific product data management system with network connectivity to manage all pre-production information. There are workflow management tools with to-do lists, automatic user notifications, and support for individual design or garment specifications. The solution enables product costing at all stages through the pre-production process, based on the bill of materials (BOM) and bill of labor.

The Infor (JBA) System 21 provides sophisticated product definition capabilities, including product seasonality, support for four-dimensional SKUs, and BOMs and product routes defined at the style level. The solution supports full product costing based on the BOM and routing data, including comparisons and simulations. A central repository for all product data helps drive planning, production, and CMT (cut, make, and trim) functions.