IBM iSeries AS400 Testing Tools

Test Quality Index
Helps in assessing quality compliance in testing process and software.

Testing Metrics Analysis and Decision making framework helps you to arrive at correct metrics that are aligned with your business and quality goals

Repository that hosts the integrated processes, templates, checklists, guidelines and best practices to execute projects across all domains for testing.

Tracks, communicates, and analyzes defects in a software lifecycle, employing a review based model that follows CMMI principles.

Test Dashboard
Tracks and provides health status of all testing projects at any time.

Its a web based test management tool that is used to create, manage, and organize test cases into test plans. Helps in maintaining traceability

Provides a persistent base for discussions, communications, documents and project specific knowledge

Test Estimate
Estimation model for Testing . Helps you to arrive at the right Test Estimates for the Testing Effort.